Legal services for legal entities

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The main activity of UTR LAW & CONSULTING LLC is the legal support of legal entities. We provide a wide range of services, among them:

Entrepreneurs who work in the small and medium business in many types of business activity have to be prepared for surprises and defend themselves against legal inconveniences that constantly arise during inspections of controlling authorities in case of unfair competition and other situations of an unstable economy.

1. Support of business on a subscriber basis or in the broader sense outsourcing of legal services.
2. Services in the field of contract law (purchase and sale contracts deliveries, rent, leasing, hiring, concessions, loans, deposit, credit, insurance contracts, contracts in foreign economic activity, employment contracts, contracts, etc.), which includes:
2.1. Legal analysis of draft agreements on compliance with legislation, customs of business turnover.
2.2. Legal audit of persons participating in the conclusion of a contract
2.3. Explanation of legal terms of contracts
2.4. Identification and clarification of the terms of the contract that infringe or violate the rights of the client or may lead to negative consequences for the client.
2.5. Drafting of contracts, amendments and (or) additions to existing contracts
2.6. Legal support of the clients in the negotiation process during conclusion of contracts.
2.7. Representation of interests during negotiations on amendments and additions to existing contracts.
2.8. Legal services in settlement of disputes during conclusion, execution, modification and termination of contracts.
2.9. Providing notarization and state registration of the contracts.
2.10. Assistance in the preparation and conducting of measures for the termination of contracts, including in court.
2.11. Legal services in conducting claims and lawsuits within concluded contracts and representing interests in courts.
2.12. Support procedures in Claim Assignment Agreement, transfer of debts.
2.13. Set off counter claims.
2.14. Consultations on the invalidation of contracts

3. Services in the field of corporate, tax, patent and administrative law, including:
3.1. Registration of legal entities (Limited Liability Company, private enterprises, joint-stock companies, etc.)
3.2. Amendments in documents (changes to the statute, change of founders, head of the company, types of activities, addresses, etc.);
3.3. Registration of affiliates and representative offices of legal entities, as well as amendments to their registration documents
3.4. Liquidation (termination) of legal entities, closure of affiliates
3.5. Registration of trademarks for goods and services, trade names, etc.
3.6. Clarify issues of tax law
3.7. Administrative appeal of tax notices-decisions
3.8. Representation in courts of all instances in tax disputes
3.9. Protection of violated rights in the field of unfair competition
3.10. Preparation of appeals to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
3.11. Representation of clients’ interests in cases about violation of competition law by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
3.12. Representation of clients’ interests in the courts in cases against decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
3.13. Appeals against decisions of public authorities and their officials.

4. Investment services:
4.1. Legal support of investment activity of legal entities (residents and non-residents) on the territory of Ukraine and abroad
4.2. Due Diligence of various types of investment projects
4.3. Development and implementation of legal schemes of financing investment projects
4.4. Development and implementation of optimal legal forms in the investment projects
4.5. судебная защита прав и интересов инвесторов, юридическая защита объектов инвестирования
4.5. Judicial protection of investors’ rights and interests, legal protection of investees
4.6. Representation of investors’ interests in all issues of conducting investment activity of legal entities (residents and non-residents) on the territory of Ukraine
4.7. provide other legal services in investment

5. Real estate and construction services:
5.1. Purchase and construction of real estate (including obtaining permission to purchase and rent, with the participation of non-residents, operations with land and objects);
5.2. Leasing
5.3. Protection of assets related to real estate
5.4. Resolving disputes related to real estate
5.5. Provide other legal services related to real estate and construction

6. Services in the field of international law, foreign economic agreements:
6.1. International transactions and contractual structuring
6.2. Franchising;
6.3. Legal assistance in customs legislation;
6.4. WTO law;
6.5. Free Trade Agreement;
6.6. Recommendations for projects on the basis of laws and regulations.

7. Pre-trial settlement of disputes:
7.1. Preparing claims and materials for them
7.2. Sending claims to counterparties
7.3. Control over compliance with claims sent to counterparties
7.4. Analysis of claims submitted to the company, including checking their legal validity
7.5. Drafting responses to claims

8. Judicial protection:
8.1. Preparation of claims and materials for submission to the courts
8.2. Sending claims to the courts
8.3. Studying claims addressed to the company or individual
8.4. Preparation of counterclaims, responses to claims, decisions on the voluntary satisfaction of claims, proposals for concluding settlement agreements etc.;
8.5. Representation in courts
8.6. Sending of orders or other executive documents to the executive service bodies
8.7. Monitoring the progress of the enforcement proceedings
8.8. Preparation and sending of claims to the appeal and cassation courts

By contacting our law company, you will receive professional assistance on any issue or problem that has arisen in various fields of activity. We will take into account all your needs and interests, as a result of which you will receive a high-quality personalized service.

2. Registration of a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
3. Registration of Joint Stock Companies (JSC)
4. Registration of the Company with additional liability
5. Registration of Associations, Corporations, Holdings, Concerns
6. Registration of NGOs
7. Registration of a Religious Organization
8. Registration of the Charitable Organization
9. Registration of affiliates, representative office
10. Registration of a representative office of a foreign company
11. Registration of mass media
12. Change of CEO, name, legal address, constituent members (for one action), Classification of Economic Activities
13. Liquidation of an Individual Entrepreneur
14. Liquidation of a legal entity
15. Bankruptcy
16. Obtaining licenses, permits, certificates
17. Closure of affiliates
18. Development of constituent documents (charter, collective agreement, shareholder agreements, etc.)
19. Development of internal documents (policies, rules, regulations, etc.).
20. Legal audit of the enterprise
21. Support of operations with securities
22. Comprehensive legal analysis of contracts and other documents
23. Legal analysis of contracts and other documents (per one unit)
24. Individual development of contracts and other documents (per one unit)
25. Drawing up of claims, letters, replies, applications, complaints, explanations and other documents (for one unit)
26. Complex settlement of disputes with counterparties (negotiations, preparation of claims, responses to claims, etc.)
27. Representation of client’s interests during inspections
28. Representation of interests in state authorities
29. М&A
30. Obtaining certificates, extracts from the Unified State Register
31. Development of internal documentation, documents on personnel management and labor protection
32. М&A
33. Obtaining certificates, extracts from the Unified State Register
34. Development of internal documentation, documents on personnel management and labor protection
35. Subscription services:
35.1. Package “Business”
35.2. Package “Optimal”
35.3. Package “Corporation”

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