Why our customers choose subscription service?

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Each head of the company, with any form of ownership, sets a goal to achieve high performance in its financial and economic activities. And as everyone knows from generally accepted norms, all methods are good in achieving the goal (of course, if they are legitimate). To ensure the legitimacy of the company’s activities, managers create law departments, or invite lawyer in their staff. Is it rational from the point of view of doing business? Let’s look at the positive and negative aspects of the presence of the “legal service” in the enterprise from the point of view of doing business.


  • Staff lawyer is always available. ( If he is not sick or on vacation ).
  • An individualized approach to the case (acquaintance and close interaction with employyes)


  • If the enterprise does not have huge size of work to fully occupy a lawyer / legal department, then the company “throws money away”, by paying wages, taxes, and provides employees with a workplace.
  • We are all people and we all want to relax and sometimes get sick. Therefore, no one can guarantee that when an enterprise needs the personal presence of a lawyer (checking of supervisory bodies, etc.), he will not be ill or on vacation.
  • Sometimes there are times that an enterprise or the leader himself needs attorney help, not a lawyer, then the problem arises that the company pays in addition and for the qualified assistance for attorney “from outside”
  • One lawyer, no matter how experienced he is, he can not be an expert in all areas, therefore for companies with one lawyer there is a problem of incompetence of the lawyer in all areas of financial and economic activity of the company.
  • in the presence of legal department / staff / department at the enterprise, to be confident in protecting your business, you need to constantly improve the skills of lawyers.


What are the solutions to these problems?

Law support / subscription services (the so-called law outsourcing) is a solution to the above problems. You, probably, ask, why?

Judge for yourself, when concluding a contract for law support of business, the company receives a staff of highly qualified attorneys / lawyers who will 24/7 provide the company with law protection in all areas.

Also, positive factors is that you do not need to spend fabulous money to improve the skills of employees, to provide everything necessary for work, you do not need to pay taxes.

Such a company may become UTR “LAW AND CONSULTING” LLC, when concluding with which contracts for subscriber law services to your organization, you get a lawyer / attorney who is always available. We guarantee the protection of your business, provide a wide range of law services, and you will gain confidence in the future of your company.

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