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Many legal entities, firms and private enterprises are constantly facing problems that fall under the scope of the attorney’s activity. But in Ukraine, despite the fact that laws are constantly being adopted for the interests of “specific persons” and, accordingly, these laws will damage competing enterprises that conduct business honestly, but do not track all legislative changes, often find themselves in situations that cause irreparable harm or financial damage to the enterprise. Managers are still trying to save money on the services of attorneys and lawyers, but already understand that it is not profitable and as a result they have big losses.

The experience of foreign countries in using the services of law firms on a subscriber basis has not yet spread to the appropriate scale in Ukraine and in Kharkov as well, but there are already visible trends in the growth for such services. That is why our law firm provides such kind of services as subscriber legal services and certain types of services for legal entities and entrepreneurs.

Legal audit of the company::
1.1. Analysis of constituent and other documents that the company is guided in its activities, acts and decisions of the company’s bodies, as a result conclusions are made whether the documents correspond to the current legislation, whether it is necessary to make changes taking into account the maximum protection of the interests of the client, whether it is possible to obtain permits and licenses for carrying out activities, whether the management bodies of the enterprise are legitimate, whether their decisions are legal, etc.;
1.2. Analysis of the personnel documentation, during which the documents (orders, instructions, regulations), as well as procedures for the registration and dismissal of employees, are established in accordance with the current legislation;
1.3. Analysis of documents confirming the right of ownership, or the right to use movable and immovable property, as a result of which will be revealed the legitimacy of property rights and whether the transactions were properly executed
1.4. The analysis of treaties, as a result, contracts existing in the company, as well as contracts concluded with the contractors are checked in detail, reveal all the shortcomings and problems, as well as options for their correction and decision are offered
1.5. Analysis of receivables, during which prepare recommendations and proposals on the necessary actions for the recovery of debts and uncollectible debts are identified.
2. Legal audit of documents (orders, decisions, provisions of contracts, etc.);
3. Individual drafting of contracts and other documents with the greatest consideration of client’s interests;
4. Work on pre-trial settlement of disputes::
– preparation of claims
– sending claims to counterparties
– control over the execution of claims sent to counterparties
– analysis of claims received by the client, verification of their legal validity: the expiry of the limitation period, the correct references to regulatory acts, contracts and other documents, etc., as well as verification of the factual circumstances referred to by the contractors;
– writing responses to claims

5. Judicial protection::
– writing claims and preparing other materials for sending them to the court;
– sending claims to the courts
– analysis of claims that are sent by contractors
– writing counter claims, decisions on the voluntary satisfaction of claims, responses to claims, proposals for concluding agreements etc.
– representation of client’s interests in courts
– transfer of orders, executive letters and other documents for execution
– control over the executive proceedings
– preparation and submission of appeals

The most popular types of attorney services are:

      Oral consultation
      Written consultation
      Legal conclusion
      Attorney’s request

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