Legal services for individuals

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Consultation of a lawyer

There are cases in life of every person when it is necessary to obtain legal assistance from a lawyer. Our law company UTR LAW AND CONSULTING provides a wide range of legal services for individuals in any field. Our specialists have an individual approach to each client and, thanks to their experience, guarantee a high quality result.

Legal assistance

What is legal assistance for you??

Exploring the market of legal services in Kharkov, we have noticed that in most cases, law firms trying to provide services and do not assume any obligation or in service agreements write blurred phrases that remove the responsibility from the company. And this is a very bad trend in the legal services market.

We are trying to tell and explain the situation from a legal point of view in each particular case before the contract is concluded. Show real precedents that may indicate the probability of obtaining particular result. We offer cooperation when our client really understands the whole situation and possible variants of its result (positive and negative). On fair, transparent terms. Our customers are grateful for this approach!

Our company providing following legal services for individuals:
1. Services in the field of civil law:
1.1. Recoveries of IOUs;
1.2. division of property that is in common joint (partial) ownership
1.3. reclaiming property from illegal possession;
1.4. inducement to commit acts;
1.5. refutation of false information;
1.6. Compensation for moral (non-property) harm;
1.7. compensation for damage caused by a source of increased danger, due to deficiencies of goods, work / services, illegal activities of a legal entity
1.8. housing law issues (settlement, eviction, registration, discharge, etc.)
1.9. Protection of consumer rights;
1.10. copyright protection
1.11. other civil law services
2. Contract Law service:
2.1. Legal analysis of contracts for compliance with legislation and business practices.
2.2. Explanation of contract terms
2.3. Identification and clarification of contract terms that restrict or violate client’s rights or may have negative consequences for the client.
2.4. Preparation of agreements, amendments and/or additions to existing contracts.
2.5. Legal services in resolving disputes during conclusion, execution, change and termination of contracts.
2.6. Providing notarization and state registration of the contract.
2.7. Assistance in the preparing and conducting of measures during termination of contracts, including in court.
2.8. Legal services in claim and litigation according to concluded contracts, representing interests in courts.
2.9. Advice on recognition of contracts invalid and insignificant.

3. Services in the field of inheritance law:
3.1. Assistance in inheritance cases (entry, registration of inheritance);
3.2. Assessment of the hereditary case, preparing of legal documents, submission of necessary documents to the notary;
3.3. Pre-trial settlement of inheritance disputes
3.4. Issues about acceptance of the inheritance, terms of acceptance of the inheritance, renewal of terms for acceptance of the inheritance
3.5. The recognition of the will invalid;
3.6. Disputes about determining the composition of an inherited property
3.7. Appeal against incorrectly committed notarial acts, or refusal to perform notarial acts;
3.8. Assistance at the stage of execution of court decisions, etc.

4. Family Law services:
4.1. Divorce (in the organs of civil registration, the court; without the consent of the spouses; without appearance in court; abroad with a foreigner; with a person sentenced for crimes)
4.2. Property division; distribution of mortgages, loans, deposits; debt distribution of the spouses
4.3. Disputes about determining residence of children
4.4. Child trip abroad
4.5. Alimony
4.6. Establish and deny paternity / maternity
4.7. Annulment of parental rights
4.8. Adoption
4.9. Custody and guardianship
4.10. Registration of marriage with a foreigner
4.11. Marriage contract (including, with a foreigner and in another country)
4.12. Regulation of family dispute out of court proceedings

5. Labor Law services:
5.1. wages recovery
5.2. renewal at work, change the reason of dismissal
5.3. appeal for disciplinary penalties
5.4. assistance in resolving collective labor disputes
5.5. support in registration of the employment of foreigners in Ukraine
5.6. support for other issues related to labor law

6. Judicial protection:
6.1. pre-trial settlement of disputes
6.2. preparation of claims and materials for submission to the courts
6.3. sending claims to the courts
6.4. analysis of claimі sent to an individual
6.5. preparation of counterclaims, responses to claims, decisions on the voluntary satisfaction of claims, proposals for concluding settlement agreements etc.;
6.6. representation in courts
6.7. sending of orders or other executive documents to the executive service bodies
6.8. monitoring the progress of the enforcement proceedings
6.9. preparation and sending of claims to the appeal and cassation courts

By contacting our law company, you will receive professional assistance on any issue or problem that has arisen in various fields of activity. We will take into account all your needs and interests, as a result of which you will receive a high-quality personalized service.

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