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If any conflict situation arises, it is necessary to choose the right strategic and tactical way to solve it. In addition, not all conflicts need to be resolved through the court, because sometimes there is a peaceful settlement of the conflict. Specialists of our company, due to their experience, will be able to provide you with legal assistance for the settlement of any disputable situations both through reconciliation of parties or litigation. In addition, we can represent your interests in international institutions.

Law Company “UTR” Law & Consulting” offer you services for the following situations:

– Corporate disputes
– Family disputes
– Hereditary disputes
– Civil disputes
– Economic disputes
– Land disputes
– Administrative disputes
– Collection of debts
– Housing disputes
– Labor disputes

№ Type of service
1. Corporate disputes
2. Family disputes
3. Hereditary disputes
4. Civil disputes
5. Economic disputes
6. Land disputes
7. Administrative disputes
8. Collection of debts
9. Housing disputes
10. Labor disputes
11. Representation of interests in court:
11.1. First instance (complex)
for every hearing
11.2. Appellate instance (complex)
for every hearing
11.3. Cassation instance (complex)
for every hearing
12. Preparation of documents to the executive service
13. Accompanying the enforcement proceedings
14. Writing of the claim, appeal and cassation complaints (without representation in court)
15. Writing of procedural documents (applications, petitions, etc.) (for one unit)
16. Writing applications to the European Court of Human Rights
17. Participation in arbitration courts

Specialists of our law company are ready to help you by choosing the most suitable option of cooperation for you.

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