Legal support of foreign trade activities

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Since the beginning of our activities, we have managed to form a staff of lawyers and attorneys who can handle with cases of varying complexity and scale we are trusted not only by our regular customers, but also recognized by leading international associations, also we have won the trust of business partners in Turkey, Australia, Germany, USA, Canada, England, Poland, Czech Republic and other countries. Based on our business qualities and international experience and relations with partners, our clients trust us to represent the whole range of services not only in Ukraine, but also in the countries of near and far abroad. If you need legal protection during investment of your money in venture funds or private funds, to invest in a growing or promising business or you want to start a business abroad – then you need to contact us.
After all UTR LAW & CONSULTING LLC, provides such services in the field of international law and foreign trade activities:
international contractual structuring
trade control
WTO law
support of international investment projects
recommendations based on legislative and regulatory acts

№ Types of services

  • International contractual structuring
  • Franchising
  • Trade control
  • WTO law
  • Support of international investment projects
  • Recommendations based on legislative and regulatory acts
  • Consultation of a Turkish specialist about the issues of Turkish legislation
  • Verbal consultation on international law issues
  • Written consultation on international law issues

Specialists of our law company “UTR “LAW AND CONSULTING”, will help you to choose the most suitable options for solving your problems in the shortest possible time and according to the law.
We will provide you with a competent solution to your problems! Fill an application on the website or order a call back! Online consultation is free! Online consultant on 24/7!

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