How to apply for divorce in Ukraine?

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Marriage is a kind of “ritual” for the creation of a family, as they say “cells of society”.

But anything can happen in our life and even in countries where divorce is not welcomed, the number of family breakdowns is becoming more frequent. In Ukraine, according to statistics, the number of divorce proceedings has increased several times for the last decade.

If you are thinking about how to submit for divorce.

You need to know the procedure of divorce in Ukraine. And for this purpose it is necessary to have knowledge in this area of legislation and to know how these laws are applied in court in practice. Even in order to divorce with a previously “beloved” person, you need to know the order of the procedure.

In our legislation, there are two possible ways: 1. Through the registration bodies of civil status (in the absence of property disputes and in the absence of minor children of spouses who want to terminate marriage); 2. Through court.

Let’s look at these options in more detail. In the first case, if the couple does not have underage children and property disputes, the couple submits an application for the termination of marriage to the registry office and within a month receives a Certificate about “divorce”. The second option is more complicated and long lasting, because if there is a property dispute, a divorce through the courts can drag on for years if plead a case without an experienced lawyer. If a couple has a minor child (children), then the couple must reach an agreement with whom of parents will live a child and decide the issue of child retention.

If we consider divorce between foreigners or in a couple where one of the spouses is a foreigner, then in this case the termination procedure is the same as for the Ukrainian couple, only with the difference that if the foreigner does not fully know the Ukrainian language, then to the court you need to invite an interpreter. The main points in the divorce proceedings through the court of a couple who have underage children, is the conclusion of contracts between themselves: – an agreement about child support (can consist in simple written form, there should be an agreement on the issues of the child’s residence, who will live with and where, also the order of meetings with the child to the other parent) – the agreement about payment of alimony (a notarized contract, in which the amount of alimony is fixed). In any case, the divorce process is an unpleasant procedure, requiring scrupulous investigation.

What documents are needed for divorce?

The main documents are needed:
  • if through the registry office – a statement of divorce, a marriage certificate (original);
  • if through a court (in the presence of a minor child, or in the presence of a property dispute) – a statement of claim to the court, a birth certificate of the child, a marriage certificate (original), copies of passports and ITNs, an agreement about payment of alimony (notarized), an agreement about child support (simple written form), if there is a property dispute, a confirmation, as well as the original receipt for payment of the court fee.

What if I have to divorce through the court?

To ensure that the divorce is less painful and traumatic, you need to address to a lawyer / family attorney who will prepare a claim and able to be your representative at court hearings, which will significantly reduce psychological pressure.

If the divorce through the court is inevitable. How to act?

First of all, think over what exactly do you want from your “half”? If this is the divorce by mutual consent, then in addition to the claim for divorce (with all the above documents) and your personal presence in the courtroom you do not need anything, but if you have a question about the division of property, or about recovery of alimony, or deprivation of parental rights, etc., you need to prepare an evidence base for a more possible court decision in your favor, with these questions will help you highly qualified specialists of our law company.

Division of property in divorce

Sometimes, during divorce, many agree about division of property, but there are cases when each of the spouses begins “pulling blanket on himself” (take an advantage) and wants to leave the other of the spouses “without pants” from revenge or for any other reasons. In this case, you need to think out the right tactics of your behavior in court as much as possible, and also to find the evidence base as much as possible, so that the court decisions will please you.

How to apply for alimony

It is very simple, firstly, you need to apply to a lawyer/attorney who will write a claim and help you prepare for the court hearing. Collect evidence that the second of the spouses with whom the child does not live, in no way helps, either materially or psychologically.

In any case, it is certainly desirable (it is necessary!) to apply to a lawyer / family attorney, who will choose the tactics for you and your situation as much as possible and help you in these most unpleasant moments of your life. Our law company, UTR “Law and Consulting”, is the company that is most ethically, delicately, and most importantly professionally, will solve any issue in the field of family law.

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