Consulting services

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Today, in conditions of unstable economic development and frequent changes in legislation, Ukrainian business is experiencing different kinds of difficulties that require legal intervention. In order to solve certain problems, legal entities use services of companies that provide consulting legal services.
Consulting services are provided not only to solve existing problems, but also to optimize and improve the activities of enterprises, in order to reduce or eliminate the risks that arise during their business activities.

Consulting company

When does a company contact a consulting company for the purpose of obtaining legal services?

Firstly, when a company has legal problems that can be solved with the appropriate knowledge and experience of competent professionals.

Secondly, when the company has an idea (project), for the implementation of which it is necessary to develop the right strategy, choose the appropriate tactics and prevent all possible risks. For these purposes a consulting company is required, which includes specialists who know the current legislation and can adapt quickly depending on the current situation.

Thirdly, the company wants to receive full time consulting services in order to insure itself against all sorts of problems and risks in the future.

Business Consulting

Business consulting is a broader concept that includes different types of consulting: strategic, financial, organizational and others. They are all very closely interrelated and should contribute to the development or formation of a business strategy allowing increasing the company’s revenues and other indicators of business process efficiency.

Legal Consulting

Legal consulting is also an integral part of business consulting and is ordered by most companies to solve legal problems as well as for conducting proper and legitimate business from a legal point of view.
But such an approach is a losing one in most cases, even in the context of the enterprise’s one year activity. Because compilation of “hurry-scurry contracts” wıth usıng of templates by incompetent in this area person, or signing of contracts without proper legal assessment of possible risks that may arise in the future, may lead the company to huge losses or even to the cessation of their activities.

The practice of other more economically and legally developed countries shows that small investments in the direction of legal literacy of conducting enterprise activity or appeal to consulting companies for legal consulting services warn the company of a huge number of problems and save a lot of time, money and nerves to the company’s management.

Law Firm “UTR” Law & Consulting” will be able to offer such services in this area:

  • Advising (oral or written) in all types of issues that arise during of economic activities in various areas of law
  • Legal consulting about performıng all necessary actions in case of changes in the current legislation
  • Audit of all legal documentation for conformity with regulatory acts and client’s interests;
  • Preparation, participation in the negotiation process and conclusion of various contracts that will be developed with the maximum consideration of the client’s wishes
  • Development of recommendations on improvement of the company’s activity from a legal point of view;
  • Audit of all receivables and payables existing at the enterprise, which includes also the analysis of the counterparties to identify bad debts Claim work;
  • Drawing up competent answers to claims and requests from state authorities;
    Support during authorities inspections;
  • Analysis of judicial practice in order to identify the judicial perspective of a particular case;
  • Representation of interests in all state and local authorities, incl. all judicial instances

By addressing us, you will receive an effective result, as we provide consulting in a wide range of legal services and we have sufficient experience and a number of competent high-qualified professionals who are experts in a particular field of law.